【R&D】 New Product Arrival- 5-Way Oxygen Splitter

2015-06-06 12:00


--What ? Are you still looking for a dual bottle Oxygen Concentrator ? Do double times bottle cleaning job and replace water from one to another one ?


--Dynmed provides 5-way Oxygen Splitter which has 5 sets of flow meters, ONLY one humidifier bottle is OK !



It is suitable to connect with all kinds of large flow Oxygen Concentrators on market.


 Models No available:

2WOS ------------- 2-way Oxygen Splitter   ( two peoples oxygen therapy)

3WOS ------------- 3-way Oxygen Splitter   ( three peoples oxygen therapy)

4WOS -------------  4- way Oxygen Splitter ( four peoples oxygen therapy)

5WOS   ------------- 5- way Oxygen Splitter (five  peoples oxygen therapy)


Recommended models as below:

5L Oxygen Concentrator  ------------- 2WOS 

8L Oxygen Concentrator   -------------  4WOS 

10L Oxygen Concentrator   ------------- 5WOS   


^_^ We sure can customise more for you.