In order to ensure the benefit of our customer and offer our best service, our company make an announcement based on our management philosophy"Super Quality, Best Service"

All our company products (include the spare parts), their warranty is ONE year.

Warranty is valid in one year from the date after goods received.

Warranty term: During the warranty, the buyer (the dealer or the end user) must operate the product strictly according to our manual, and should not be damaged by intended activity.

The content of warranty:

If the buyer can maintain the machine by themselves (or under our technician’s instruction), we can supply the spare parts for free.
If the main part or accessories is broken, we can offer the free parts for replacement.
We have obligation for our products maintenance and replacement, and are not responsible for the other losing related.

Other service:

We can provide the free technical information and installation instruction service.
We can supply the maintenance and service out of warranty, and charge only the cost of the parts.
We should announce the buyer as soon after our products updated, and can offer them after negotiation.

The buyer’s obligation:

The buyer should offer the serial number, the working circumstances of the products, and primary estimation for the fault, photos, videos if necessary.

Kunshan Dynmed Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ( the right to interpret releqation owner of the company)