24L Portable Suction Machine DSU-DX24

->18L Portable Suction Machine (Medical Aspirator)Item: DSU-DX24


24L/M Fashion Medical Aspirator (Suction Machine)


DSU-DX24   Medical Aspirator       24L/min   1000ml Secretion container (suction bottle)



The DX Series Aspirator is a very handy small suction unit.

The unit can be equipped with a rechargeable battery (accumulator) and this battery is optional.

Integrated microprocessor-based technology assures safe charging of the battery; overcharging is thus impossible.

An over temperature stop controlled by electronics avoids overheating of the unit.

A disposable bacterial filter plate integrated in the lid of the collection jar prevents bacteria and liquid from penetrating into the pump.


Intended use functions

The DX Series Aspirator is used in medical ranges for the temporary and spontaneous suction of secretions and body fluids which typically occur with airway suction.



In addition to the basic device, the scope of delivery comprises the following parts:


Silicone suction hose Ø6mm, L=1.30m    1 piece

Hose connector (fingertip)              1 piece

Suction catheter                      3 pieces

Mains cable for 230V /50-60Hz          1 piece



Technical specifications




Air flow rate pump


Max. vacuum


Additional air regulation

Mechanical regulating valve

Collection jar

1I secretion container,1I Receptal ®container system or

1I MediVac container system

Suction hose

Ø 6mm,1.30m length



Power consumption

Ca. 300 VA(230V~)

Power cable

2 m

Operating time

Interrupted use over approx. According to the environment 30-45 min at 230V~,50Hz,20℃Cooling period approx.

60min,depending on ambient temperature

Noise level

50.0dB(A)@1m(nach ISO 7779)



CE marking

CE 0123


*1 bar≈750.06 mm Hg≈1000hPa/depends on daily atmospheric pressure issue of Technical Specifications


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