Oxygen Analyser DOX-100A

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Oxygen Purity Analyser with Li- battery for oxygen concentrator  


1, Applied range:

It is used for analyzing the purity of oxygen in respirator machine of medical treatment and anesthesia machine and oxygen concentrator and high-pressure oxygen house and the nursing case keeping infant .


2. the principle of oxygen analyzer

Instrument sensor is electrochemistry diaphragmatic positron. It makes use of platinum negatron and silver and silver chloride as electrolyte.

Diaphragmatic material is polyethylene film which chooses the permeating oxygen .


Electrode reaction:




3. Technical parameters:


Electrode current is proportional to content of oxygen in the gas. Through modulus conversion and coding drive, it indicates the content of oxygen by LCD screen.

Measurement    precision

0-100% the lowest of distinction is 1%                    +3%

0-50.0% the lowest of distinction is 0.1%                  +1%

0-5.00% the lowest of distinction is 0.01%                 +5%


environment of temperature:0-40C,

relative humidity:<90%

when the environment is 20C, it indicates 90% oxygen purity in 15 seconds.



4. Power supply: 6F22-9V battery. It can work successively for 200 hours

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