Compressor Nebulizer 5A

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Compressor Nebulizer 5A



1-Hospital, clinic prefer for 2,000 hours long lifetime

2-Portable design, low noise

3-Heavy good compressor, good performance

4- Easy operation design

5-Powerful nebulization

6-Superfine nebulized particles for easier absorbing by the body.




Detail Specifications


Max. air flow:          12 l/min

Nebulizer rate:         0.25ml/min - 0.5ml/min

Capacity of medication cup: 6ml - 30ml (Identification of nebulizer kit)

Particle size rate:       2.5um-3.2um (MMD*)

Residual of a medicine:  0.5ml

Equip. Classification:    Class II  Type B

Power supply:   110V/60Hz; 220V/230V/50Hz; 1.5A

Power consumption:  <150VA

Max. pressure:       2.2bar

Sound Level:        Around 50dB (A)

Dimensions (L×W×H): 32cm x 24cm x 12cm

Net Weight:          3.0Kg


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